Classroom Bundle [3x] The Adventures of Lillicorn in WooWoo Land

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Special bundle offer! Ideal for classrooms, libraries, and after school programs. This bundle offer consists of three books all in the same language and the Teacher's Guide: Creating Classroom Quests (digital). Discount of 10EUR!

Learn to code with Lillicorn

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The Adventures of Lillicorn book cover on the floor quest 8 STEM educational publisher QuestFriendz

The Adventures of Lillicorn

Inspiring little engineers and budding computer scientists with interactive storytelling and 21st century learning. Featuring Lillicorn a young curious heroine, with a passion for computer science and adventure, who loves to find creative solutions on her many quests.

The rhyming story inspires children to be adventurous and explore faraway places, and encourages them to use their scientific ‘brain smarts’ to solve a series of interactive and imaginative STEM educational activities.

Meet Lilli, a fearless little girl, who is intrigued by science, and loves to conceive new experiments and inventions. In her dreams at night, she transforms into Lillicorn, a superhero, where she teams up with friends, including the reader, to travel to distant lands, and figure out innovative solutions that save the day!

The Adventures of Lillicorn book cover on the floor quest 9 STEM educational publisher QuestFriendz

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The Adventures of Lillicorn book cover on the floor quest 7 STEM educational publisher QuestFriendz

The rhyming story book is designed so that children can solve ten different STEM quests and earn tokens (provided in the book). It’s an exciting way for children to learn fundamental STEM skills at an early age, as well as develop 21st century learning skills (the 4Cs critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication).

The first book covers 12 core STEM skills (e. abstraction, coding, sequencing, sorting, etc.), which are identified at the bottom of each quest. Definitions of each STEM skill are provided in the STEM skills glossary at the back of the book.

Little girl with The Adventures of Lillicorn book open on floor solving a STEM quest
Copyright page and charm tokens for The Adventures of Lillicorn in WooWoo Land cover publisher QuestFriendz

High quality and durable board book with lay flat binding and gloss finishing, for both home and school usage.

20 collectable charm tokens and command cards included for use in solving 10 STEM quests

Integrated storage of tokens and cards included for easy portability on playdates and when travelling.

Average Age range: Children 4 to 8 years old love our books, however both younger and older children have also been known to enjoy adventures with Lillicorn
Format: board book
Pages: 32
Book dimensions: 28 cm (H) x 21.6 cm (W) x 2.2cm (D)
ISBN: 9789082994001

“This is such a great book…”

- Laure, mother of Noelle, 6 years old.