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SuperQuesters | The three friends


Did you know?

  • o It would only take one hour to drive to space if you could go straight up in the air.
  • o Over one million Earths could fit inside the sun.
  • o Your brain is more powerful, more complex and more clever than any computer ever built.
  • o There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth.
  • o Octopuses have three hearts, nine brains, and blue blood!
SuperQuesters | Leo Zoom's factoids
SuperQuesters | Giggle Time with the Snappettes

Catch up with the latest STEM jokes from those cheeky Snapettes.

Q: Why are chemists so good at solving problems? A: They’re always working with solutions.

Q: What did the science book say to the maths book? A: You’ve got problems.

Q: How do you throw a party in space? A: You planet.

Q: Why do scientists look forward to Fridays? A: They can wear genes to work.

Q: Why did the germ cross the microscope? A: To get to the other slide!