Meet Lillicorn and her problem
solving fearless friends


is a fearless and curious little girl, who is intrigued by science and loves to conceive new experiments and inventions. She considers herself to be somewhat of an explorer. She loves school science fairs where she can test out her latest ideas. She sings to her own tune and loves to help and take care of others including her pet mouse Elizabeth and her dear friends. In her spare time she loves to sing, jump on her handmade trampoline and experiment making cheese (the smellier the better).

Lilli transforms into Lillicorn during her dreams. Lillicorn uses her superhero powers ( a.k.a brain smarts) on her adventures where she helps her friends, by solving a series of quests that put her "brain smarts' to the test. When Lillicorn transforms she feels that anything is possible. Lillicorn loves to put her problem solving skills to the test, no quest is too big or too small for her. In the end she finds happiness and satisfaction in knowing she's been able to help a friend in need while having fun along the way. Her dream is to one day travel the world with her pet mouse and trusty sidekick Elizabeth.

Meet Lilli who turns into Lillicorn at night during The Adventures of Lillicorn book by STEM publisher QuestFriendz
Meet Lulu Ladybug Lillicorn’s BFF in The Adventures of Lillicorn book by STEM publisher QuestFriendz


is a spunky little girl who loves tinkering around in her parents garage and attic making her own contraptions. She has a vivid imagination that helps her to dream up her latest inventions. She is especially known for her math, creativity and building skills. When she's not in her parents garage dreaming up her next great idea, she loves to dance hip hop, make origami and bake cupcakes. She has a sidekick called B bot, a pint sized robot with a big heart who’s always there to give her a helping hand.

At night in her dreams she transforms into Lulu Ladybug wearing her signature ladybug cape and mask.


is Lilli's dearest little furry friend. Lilli has had Elizabeth since as long as she can remember. Elizabeth loves to try out Lilli's latest new cheese that she creates in her bedroom. She is a playful pint sized mouse, always jovial and there for Lilli when needed. She has been known to assist Lilli in her experiments and likes to hide in her backpack to join her at school or even on her dreamtime adventures in WooWoo Land.

Elizabeth is known for her caring pink eyes, snow white fur and handy toolbelt. She has the tools needed to tackle any quest they encounter on their adventures.

Meet Elizabeth mouse Lillicorn’s trusted sidekick in The Adventures of Lillicorn book STEM publisher QuestFriendz
Meet Spotty Leopard in The Adventures of Lillicorn in WooWoo Land book by STEM publisher QuestFriendz


is a little spotted leopard who is quick witted and fast on her feet. She's a clever one, who uses her ‘brain smarts’ to solve the many quests she encounters throughout WooWoo Land. She loves to help anyone who comes her way. She especially likes to protect friends and visitors from the Jellybean Giant.

Her favourite past time is ziplining through Jellybean jungle. She loves to create new and exciting obstacle courses. She's also a little too fond of jellybeans. Rumour has it that when she moved to the jungle some years ago, she ate so many jellybeans that her spots turned into all the colours of the jellybean rainbow. She lives in a treehouse at the top of a giant rubber tree.

Safety is important to Spotty which is why she never ziplines without her watermelon or pineapple helmets, or her lucky banana sock.


is a friendly little hedgehog living deep in the forest of WooWoo Land. She is known for her fanciful hats which she always adorns with fresh forest flowers or berries. She is usually seen in the forest with her little straw basket, collecting berries and other forest specialties. She uses the berries to bake the most delicious berry pies, which are known throughout WooWoo Land. You can often smell them baking from miles away. In her spare time she likes to pick and arrange flowers and knit little hats for her grand hedgehogs.

Meet Madame Hedgehog carrying a basket Lillicorn’s friend in The Adventures of Lillicorn book by QuestFriendz
Meet Mr. Waddles penguin with hat Lillicorn’s friend in The Adventures of Lillicorn book by QuestFriendz

Mr. Waddles

is a cheerful and dapper young penguin who loves to spend his time cruising around on giant icebergs, the colder and bigger the better. He has a warm and fuzzy heart, and loves to help when he can.

He can be known to go into a long deep sleep at times, after all it's no easy task navigating your way around WooWoo Land on icebergs! Sometimes it takes the beautiful and caring voice of a dear friend to wake him up singing one of his favourite songs.

Mr. Waddles is known for his sparkling ocean blue eyes. He's also known to be a little clumsy, walking around on icebergs is no easy task for him, especially when trying to avoid the pesky little Snapettes!


is Lulu’s clever sidekick who is always there to help her with her next crazy contraption. He’s pint sized with a big heart. When he uses his special powers he can stretch and extend his limbs. Sometimes his clumsiness gets him into funny and awkward situations.

He has a love for bow ties and can be seen wearing many different variations and patterns. Lulu likes to ‘design’ these for him when she’s not busy working on her latest contraptions.

When he gets excited with a new idea, his buttons start flashing in yellow, his favourite colour.

His biggest dream is to discover a new planet with his best friend Lulu.

Meet B-bot the robot Lulu’s trusted sidekick in The Adventures of Lillicorn book by QuestFriendz