Inspire a new generation of innovators with our range of STEM-focussed classroom resources, expertly designed for Key Stages 1 and 2 Computing, Maths and Science National Curriculum by our team of educators. The SuperQuesters will encourage children of all abilities to find solutions to problems and persevere, even when confronted with obstacles along the way.

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School Bundles are now available to bring each book to life in primary classrooms and build on the 4Cs of 21st-century learning skills (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication). These will include a downloadable SuperQuesters Teacher’s Guide containing:

  • o Lesson plans (including activities that are differentiated three ways and specific links to curriculum content covered)
  • o Interactive STEM quest activities for the class with variations across three different age groups (4 - 8 year-olds)
  • o Printable STEM activity sheets and resources
  • o Charm sticker reward charts to track pupils’ achievement
  • o Award certificates, printable collectible charm tokens and extra downloadable stickers

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SuperQuesters STEM Crafts

Try out our SuperQuesters STEM craft activities for hours of hands on creative fun, as published in Creative Steps Magazine.

Case Studies

Read about how primary school teachers use SuperQuesters books and resources to bring STEM and 21st Century Learning to life

SuperQuests Teacher's guide | The Case of the Stolen Sun
Teacher's guide | The case of the Missing Memory

Why do teachers love the SuperQuesters books?

  • o Encourage learning through play – fundamental STEM skills such as problem solving, coding, sequencing, debugging and algorithms are introduced through play and practical application
  • o Significant Personal, Social, Health, Economic (PSHE) benefits – QuestFriendz books use the latest educational thinking to build a growth mindset and show it’s OK to make mistakes
  • o Cross-curricular STEM learning options – each adventure and teacher resource guide covers key aspects of the UK’s Computing, Maths and Science national curriculum, including reasoning and critical thinking which are core for pupils who are working at Greater Depth level (Key Stage 1). The quests and resource guides also cover core aspects of US primary education, including K12 Computer Science framework, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (Math).
  • o Representation matters – diverse characters show that anything is possible with clear thinking, logic and patience, enabling children of all backgrounds and abilities to identify with the characters and feel represented
  • o An irresistible package – a combination of eye-catching artwork, contemporary design and quality materials create an appealing and enriching range of books that children will want to read, share and engage with
  • o Reusability – with over 100 reusable stickers in each book, the stories can be enjoyed over and over again

Learning Beyond the Book

The STEM quests within each SuperQuesters book and lesson plan guide can be adapted to meet the needs of individual pupils and can be repeated and extended to help embed core learning skills. The classroom activities take learning beyond a traditional classroom setting, promoting physical activity, outdoor learning and, above all, opportunities for collaborative learning.

The engaging characters, narrative and quests help to fuel children’s imaginations and extend their vocabulary, key skills to support their learning and development in other areas of their school life as well.

Children playing and learning with SuperQuesters

Find out more about the SuperQuesters characters.

Invite the children in your class to discuss which character they’re most like and why!

Meet the Characters