Our Story


is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
educational company, with storytelling and 21st century
learning at the heart of every creation.

Our Vision...

is to globally increase the
number of children who choose
STEM related education and
careers, across gender and
diverse ethnicities.

Little girl looking through magnifying glass looking hopeful.
Two little girls sitting and playing with The Adventures of Lillicorn in WooWoo Land by STEM publisher QuestFriendz

Our Mission...

is to spark young children’s
imagination and dreams, build
confidence and inspire them to
learn more about STEM in fun
and challenging new ways.

At QuestFriendz we are
committed to improve gender
and ethnic diversity across
STEM learning, education
and careers.

Four children sitting and excited to play with The Adventures of Lillicorn in WooWoo Land bySTEM publisher QuestFriendz

The importance of STEM
today and tomorrow

Our world depends more and more on STEM skills and capabilities.There were 2.4 Million
STEM jobs unfilled in 2018 in the US alone, and similar shortages are seen in Europe. The shortage
is expected to increase significantly as technology advances. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI),
robotics and other emerging technologies are happening in ever shorter cycles and are changing the
nature of the jobs that need to be done and the skills needed to do them.

Job market shortage

2.4 Million STEM jobs unfilled in 2018
in the US only, and the shortage is expected to
increase significantly as technology advances.

133 milion new roles

The World Economic Forum predicts that at least
133 million new roles may emerge globally
by 2022, as a result of the new division of labour
between humans, machines and algorithms.

Gender gap in
STEM education

74% of young girls are interested in STEM, but
by age 11 70% lose interest due to lack of
confidence in math.

Brain difference in learning
between boys and girls

Even when STEM abilities are equal between girls
and boys, research by world-renowned expert on
gender-based learning Dr. Abigail Norfleet James,
shows the perceived difference in abilities starts as
young as 5 years old.

Meet the QuestFriendz

QuestFriendz co-founders, Lisa Moss and Dr. Thomas Bernard, together have more than 35 years of extensive professional experience with a proven track record in innovation/technology, education, marketing and branding. During their time working for leading high tech global brands and silicon valley scaleups, they encountered significant challenges in fulfilling STEM technical roles, and creating gender and ethnically diverse teams.

After the birth of their twin daughters, their passion for inspiring young children in STEM related topics and their desire to drive change inspired them to create the Lillicorn brand.

Two little girls sitting in pyjamas reading The Adventures of Lillicorn by publisher QuestFriendz
Picture of QuestFriendz co founder Lisa Moss

Lisa Moss

brings 20 years of experience across global maketing, branding, product innovation and strategic alliance roles. She has worked across numerous industries ranging from consumer electronics and domestic appliances to IoT based lighting systems and services. She has held leadership positions at Royal Philips and Sony, and has served as an advisor to C-suite board members and educational institutions.

Dr. Thomas Bernard

brings a seasoned innovation and technology background, with a PhD in computer engineering from the University of Amsterdam. He's worked over 15 years across several cutting edge engineering and innovation management roles. He is a former university lecturer in computer engineering and has ten years of experience educating young children across sports related topics. During his time as a university lecturer he became acutely aware of the lack of female representation in STEM related topics.

Picture of QuestFriendz co founder Dr. Thomas Bernard