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On a quest to inspire a love of STEM learning through interactive play and stories.

Press Release

QuestFriendz - STEM-sational new children’s publisher launching in the UK.
London: 18 February 2022: QuestFriendz is a new children’s book publisher launching in the UK in May 2022 with a focus on nurturing STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

QuestFriendz’s mission is to produce expertly designed and inclusive books that will inspire and equip the next generation to pursue STEM education and careers. In turn, reducing the STEM skills shortage and increasing female representation and ethnic diversity in STEM.

QuestFriendz was founded by computer scientist Dr Thomas Bernard and children’s author Lisa Moss, passionate advocates of sparking children’s interest in STEM from a young age. They believe the best way to do this is through interactive storytelling – developing books which feature educational challenges, or ‘quests’ embedded within engaging adventure stories, enabling children to use their 21st century learning skills of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity & communication to problem solve.

Dr Thomas Bernard, QuestFriendz co-founder comments: “The UK has a growing STEM skills gap estimated to be costing the economy £1.5 billion per year which is why we’re on a mission to create the next generation of scientists and engineers. ‘Read, Quest, Learn!’ is our motto - our books will embolden ALL children to become super problem-solvers and curious creators through STEM adventures. The UK remains one of the worst regions in Europe when it comes to encouraging women into STEM roles. Currently, only 24% of UK STEM roles are held by women with some specific STEM disciplines even lower (Engineering at 10% and Tech at 17%). And one third of parents and teachers inaccurately perceive STEM discipline as more closely fitting boys’ brains, personalities and hobbies. We want to inspire ALL children to help build their own wooden dollhouses, not just play with them and to create technology, not just consume it.”

Launch series SuperQuesters, for children 4 – 8 years, is the only series on the market to inspire a love of STEM learning through interactive play and storytelling. The series is designed for use within the home (either independently or shared with a parent, sibling or friend) or within an education setting (either in the classroom or an after-school club).

The first title, SuperQuesters: The Case of the Stolen Sun, by STEM experts Dr Thomas Bernard and Lisa Moss, illustrated by Amy Wilcox will publish 3 May 2022. In it children are invited to solve expertly-pitched STEM ‘quests’ in Questland with aspirational superhero characters, Lillicorn, Bea Bumble and Leo Zoom. Combining brilliant storytelling with interactive hands-on learning, the book features over 100 reusable stickers and a reward chart to celebrate success. 8-12 STEM skills including coding, sequencing and algorithms are developed as children complete each interactive quest and the book is carefully designed with cross-curricula learning opportunities in mind, linking with the UK computing, maths and science national curriculum.

SuperQuesters book open on a quest

Lisa Moss, QuestFriendz co-founder comments: “Our SuperQuesters launch series has been carefully conceived to inspire a love of STEM learning and to help change children’s perceptions about science and engineering with aspirational superhero characters key to this. 90% of children love superheroes and 90% want to solve world problems so superheroes who are scientists and engineers also act as inspirational role models, showing children that STEM is for everyone! The books are also a great screen-free way to help young children develop basic coding skills.”

SuperQuesters is pitched for fans of Ada Twist, Scientist, PJ Masks and Izzy Gizmo and will be available to both consumer and educational booksellers.

The QuestFriendz website ( which will launch in time for British Science Week (11 – 20 March) will feature a wealth of STEM activities and resources for use in the home or school setting.

All QuestFriendz titles will be sold through independent children’s publishing sales agency MMS who will be exhibiting QuestFriendz titles at the London Book Fair (stand 1B10) and Bologna Book Fair (Hall 25 B45).

For further information please contact QuestFriendz PR at

Notes for editors:

For further information on QuestFriendz visit: @QuestFriendz

Images: QuestFriendz logo, QuestFriendz co-founders photos, SuperQuesters: The Case of the Stolen Sun book jacket and product imagery can be provided upon request via

About SuperQuesters: The Case of the Stolen Sun:

“A fun, interactive book for inquisitive minds and any budding young STEM enthusiasts” Konnie Huq, author of Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World

The first instalment in a unique new interactive picture book series for 4 – 8 year olds, expertly designed to develop children’s STEM skills. Think Ada Twist, Scientist meets PJ Masks with eight interactive games (‘quests’) and over 100 reusable stickers for children to enjoy. When Lilli and her best friends Leo and Bea unite to solve a challenging science problem they turn into SUPERHEROES Lillicorn, Leo Zoom and Bea Bumble and journey to a magical world full of adventure and quests. And now they need YOUR help in their mission to track down Lord Grumble and return the stolen sun to Questland before it’s too late. It’s time to Read, Quest, Learn! #SuperQuesters Written by STEM experts Dr Thomas Bernard and Lisa Moss, illustrated by Amy Wilcox, will publish 3 May 2022.

Authors and illustrator bios:

Dr. Thomas Bernard grew up in Paris, France where his curiosity for science, technology and discovering the world around him started from a very young age, inspired significantly by his grandfather. His love for coding and the opportunity to create and innovate led him to eventually pursue a PhD in Computer Engineering. He became profoundly aware of the STEM skills gap and more specifically the gender gap in STEM during his time as a computer science lecturer and during his career at several high tech companies. He is Co-Founder of QuestFriendz and lives in Amsterdam with Lisa Moss and their twin daughters, Emilie and Rebecca. Follow him on Twitter @ThomasAMBernard

Lisa Moss grew up in Canada where her passion for writing children’s stories started at a young age. Her passion was re-ignited after the birth of her twin daughters and a 20-year corporate career at several high-tech companies where she became acutely aware of the STEM skills gap. She is Co-Founder of QuestFriendz, a STEM educational children’s book publisher on a mission to create the next generation of future innovators. Follow her on Twitter @lisa_a_moss.

Amy Wilcox is the illustrator for SuperQuesters. She studied illustration at Falmouth University, Cornwall and now works as a freelance illustrator at her home in Norwich, where she lives with her husband James, daughter Elsie, son Miles and Alfie the dog. She loves to draw and create interesting characters.

STEM Sources and Facts:

1. A group of over 150 world-leading engineers, scientists and technology giants, led by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, has called on the UK government to plug the nation’s growing STEM skills gap, which is estimated to be costing the economy £1.5bn per year.

2. Currently, only 24% of UK STEM roles are held by women. Updated workforce statistics to September 2020 - WISE (

3. Women in specific STEM disciplines is even lower - Engineering 10% and Tech 17%. The more traditional sciences such as physical sciences and mathematic sciences help to bring the overall number of women in UK STEM roles up to 24%.

4. One third of parents and teachers inaccurately perceive STEM discipline as more closely fitting boys’ brains, personalities and hobbies From the ‘Accenture Girls in STEM 2017 report’

5. Research shows no gender difference in brain function or mathematical ability. “We see that children’s brains function similarly regardless of their gender so hopefully we can recalibrate expectations of what children can achieve in mathematics.” From the Journal of Science and Learning (November 8, 2019) ‘Gender similarities in the brain during mathematics development’

6. “Society and culture likely are steering girls and young women away from math and STEM fields. Previous studies show that families spend more time with young boys in play that involves spatial cognition. Many teachers also preferentially spend more time with boys during math class, predicting later math achievement. Finally, children often pick up on cues from their parent’s expectations for math abilities.” From ‘Study Finds Brains of Girls and Boys Are Similar, Producing Equal Math Ability’ article published by Carnegie Mellon University

7. 90% of children love superheroes and 90% want to solve world problems taken from the Institution of Engineering and Technology report on STEM Superheroes.