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Press Release

Little girl sitting on stairs with The Adventures of Lillicorn book open by STEM educational publisher QuestFriendz
QuestFriendz present

The Adventures of Lillicorn
in WooWoo Land

Spark your children’s interest in STEM by joining Lillicorn on her quests and adventures in faraway places

Inspire the next generation of leaders in STEM with Lillicorn, a curious young girl with a passion for science, who loves to find creative solutions on her many quests. The first in a series of STEM children’s picture books from STEM advocates QuestFriendz, The Adventures of Lillicorn in WooWoo Land will spark young children’s imagination and dreams, building their confidence and inspiring them to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in fun and creative new ways. Lillicorn’s quests include structured problem solving, pattern recognition, sequencing, spatial perception, and coding. There are fun rewards for young readers when they complete the quests.

Meet Lilli, a fearless little girl, who is intrigued by science, and loves to conceive new experiments and inventions. In her dreams at night, she transforms into Lillicorn, a superhero, and teams up with friends to travel to distant lands and figure out innovative solutions that save the day. The rhyming story book is designed so that children can solve ten different STEM quests and earn collectable charm tokens (provided in the book). It’s an exciting way for children to learn fundamental STEM skills at an early age, as well as develop 21st century learning skills (the 4Cs – critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication).

The Adventures of Lillicorn is a high quality, durable board book with lay flat binding and gloss finishing, for both home and school (includes downloadable activities & lesson plans.) Press-out playing pieces can be securely stored in the back cover.

Colourful spread Quest 3 from The Adventures of Lillicorn in WooWoo Land book by publisher QuestFriendz

The QuestFriendz aim is to help increase the number of children who choose STEM related education and careers, with a mission to reduce the STEM skills shortage, improve female representation and ethnic diversity in the STEM workforce.

Co-founders of QuestFriendz, Dr Thomas Bernard and Lisa Moss authors of The Adventures of Lillicorn comment: “Learning the 4Cs from a young age is key as a longer term, systematicapproach to address the STEM skills gap. Addressing young children allows us to harness their curiosity, that magical state of mind that accelerates learning including STEM learning. With the introduction of problem-solving skills from a young age, children are better equipped to face our fast-paced changing world.

Little girls sitting and reading The Adventures of Lillicorn in WooWoo Land book by publisher QuestFriendz

One third of parents and teachers still perceive STEM discipline as more closely fitting boys’ brains, personalities and hobbies. Early intervention is the key to changing this. One in ten teachers believes the gender gap begins to appear before primary school, so positive STEM messages will benefit children at the early stages of primary level. 54% of teachers report seeing girls drop STEM subjects due to pressure from parents or guardians but girls with a foundation of STEM learning are best equipped to adapt to a huge variety of potential roles throughout their working lives*.”

The Lillicorn proposition provides both educational and personal development benefits to children. It:

Improves STEM related skills covered in a series of interactive quests (e.g. problem-solving incl. ability to break a larger problem into smaller tasks to achieve a goal, pattern recognition and matching, sequencing, optimization, spatial perception, coding skills, etc.)

Stimulates imaginative play and creative development as Lillicorn and children team up to help “rescue” a friend in need.

Facilitates social interaction and emotional bonding through highly engaging and collaborative approach with inspirational and diverse role models as lead characters.

Helps little girls to build self-confidence and believe in themselves and their ability to tackle STEM related topics.

Media Requests:

QuestFriendz Co-founder Dr. Thomas Bernard is available for interviews. Please contact:

About the QuestFriendz co-founders:

Dr Thomas Bernard and Lisa Moss brought The Adventures of Lillicorn to life with significant input and inspiration from their twin daughters along the way. The Adventures of Lillicorn was created hand in hand with their daughters as ‘chief creative advisors’.

Two little girls sitting on stairs and reading The Adventures of Lillicorn in WooWoo Land book by QuestFriendz
Picture of QuestFriendz co-founder Lisa Moss

Lisa Moss

brings 20 years of experience across global maketing, branding, product innovation and strategic alliance roles. She has worked across numerous industries ranging from consumer electronics and domestic appliances to IoT based lighting systems and services. She has held leadership positions at Royal Philips and Sony, and has served as an advisor to C-suite board members and educational institutions.

Dr. Thomas Bernard

brings a seasoned innovation and technology background, with a PhD in computer engineering from the University of Amsterdam. He's worked over 15 years across several cutting edge engineering and innovation management roles. He is a former university lecturer in computer engineering and has ten years of experience educating young children across sports related topics. During his time as a university lecturer he became acutely aware of the lack of female representation in STEM related topics.

Picture of QuestFriendz co-founder Dr. Thomas Bernard

Notes for editors:

1. QuestFriendz is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational start-up company, with storytelling and 21st century learning at the heart of every creation. We develop imaginative, interactive and innovative STEM focused propositions for children. We are committed to help increase the number of children who choose STEM related education and careers, with a mission to reduce the STEM skills shortage, improve female representation and ethnic diversity in the STEM workforce.

2. The Adventures of Lillicorn in WooWoo Land is the first in the series of STEM children’s books

3. Research Powering Economic Growth: Attracting More Young Women into Science and Technology 3.0, Accenture report 2017 Accenture Girls in STEM Research 2017 Report