SuperQuesters Teacher's Guide - The Case of the Stolen Sun

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SuperQuesters Teacher's Guide to Classroom Quests helps teacher’s bring The Case of the Stolen Sun to life within the classroom setting. 

Discover your inner superhero with the adventures of the intrepid SUPERQUESTERS! Expertly designed resources to bring STEM learning to life in the classroom.

The SuperQuesters Teacher's Guide is expertly designed with hands-on activities, games and printable resources for use with SuperQuesters: The Case of the Stolen Sun. SuperQuesters is the only children's book series to include STEM learning within a dynamic story and feature interactive, hands-on activities.

The book and accompanying teaching resources develop 8-12 different STEM skills such as coding, abstraction, logic and algorithms. Key aspects of the Key Stage 1 Computing, Maths and Science National Curriculum are covered to help children develop their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills in innovative new ways.

Features lesson plans, interactive STEM quest activities/games/printable activity sheets for the class with variations across 3 different levels/age groups (4 - 8 years old), reward charts and award certificates, along with charm tokens to track progress and celebrate success.

It's time to Read, Quest, Learn!

SuperQuesters | Read, Quest, and Learn


"A fun, interactive book for inquisitive minds and any budding young STEM

Konnie Huq, STEM Advocate & Author of Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World


"A perfect balance between activities and stories. Guaranteed to get children engaged in STEM learning in a fun, accessible way!"

Dean Boddington, KS1 primary teacher and book blogger


"Lillicorn’s infectious enthusiasm for all things scientific will surely inspire more children to get into STEM subjects"

Joanne Owens, LoveReading Editorial Expert


"I enjoyed this action packed adventure with interactive challenges! Kids will love the story and illustrations, and particularly the quests that need some thought!"

Roma Agrawal, Engineer and Author of How Was That Built?


“I loved it! From the interweaving of STEM skills into an engaging story with likeable characters and appealing illustrations, SuperQuesters and the Case of the Stolen Sun is creative, eye-catching, thought-provoking, interactive and importantly includes diverse representation”

Dr Jo Science


"SuperQuesters: The Case of the Stolen Sun is a great interactive book to help 4-8 year olds start thinking about patterns, puzzles, & problem solving in a magical world of science!"

Chris Woods, Teacher, Author of Daily STEM: How to Create a STEM Culture in your Classrooms & Communities


"If you are looking for a way to engage young children with STEM activities this is the perfect way in!"

Lucy Newton, UK primary school teacher


"Young adventurers will love heading off on a STEM quest with the SuperQuesters and applying their skills of logic and reasoning in a series  of engaging puzzles and challenges. If they are successful, they will achieve the ultimate goal of saving the day in Questland and learning a little something along the way."

Jo Cummins, Primary Behaviour Service teacher, reading consultant & book blogger at Library Girl and Book Boy